Why Businesses Are All About Drug Testing

Finding a job with any business is not an easy task anymore. This is even tougher because of the mandatory drug tests that most businesses enforce upon their employees.

The logic behind this is simple, the more easily drugs are available, the stricter businesses are becoming about their drug tests. No business would voluntarily want to hire a person who consumes alcohol or drugs to an extent where it affects them professionally. Simply because every business would want to hire employees who are dedicated and generate maximum output.

Clearing a drug test

When a person consumes various drugs, they remain in the body for different amounts of time. For example, Cannabis stays in the system for 3-4 days for newer consumers, Amphetamine stays for 2-3 days, and Cocaine stays for 2-10 days and so on.

If a person has consumed any of these drugs and badly wants to clear a drug test, what can be done? The answer is ‘synthetic urine’.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine can pass a drug test safely. Since urine test is the most common test conducted by businesses for drug testing. Synthetic urine is a chemically prepared solution that has properties that resemble real urine, both chemically as well as visually. Variants of synthetic urine are available at many smoke and sex shops.

This solution is often used to clear a mandatory drug test that a person is otherwise bound to fail. Synthetic urine is available in options like solutions that are pre-mixed or ready to use or even available as a dried powder. People can fake this as their urine, for which many are known to make use of special tools like a bladder, tubes as well as some temperature strips so that the synthetic urine appears as real as possible.

However, using synthetic urine comes along with its share of risk. The first being, even the slightest changes can risk the person failing the test, or a person might even land up with a fine in many states.