Respond To Show Care

Customers look for the personal touch. Each of them wants to feel important and taken care of. When they message a business with a query or a comment, they look for a response. This response is what they need to know that they have the undivided attention of the business. It could be a request for an early dispatch of a product purchased online or a simple compliment on the services provided by a business.

The general rule is not just that the customer is always right, but that the customer is the king. When they are treated right, they contribute to the business in more ways than one. The power of the word of mouth advertising is one of the most underestimated yet most successful ways to improve business. When the customer is satisfied, he will tell his friends about it.

A texting software with autoresponders is a good way to make the customer feel important and taken care of. These messages might not amount to a solution perse, but plain interim messages. The software with an autoresponder does not read and analyze the message. It is simply a short message that informs the customer that his query is being handled currently and that he will be replied to within twenty-four hours. Including a time span in the message makes it clear that the company is serious about its turn around time and that they are indeed working on the problem.

A delicately and sensitively drafted message is not good just for the customer but the business as well. Not only does it save time, but special manpower need not be allotted to reply a neutral text to the customer. This does not need any specific instructions. A simple “We thank you for your message. We will get back to you with a suitable reply within 24 hours” works like a charm.