Are there any mileage restrictions on leased vans?

Many companies lease vans for business purposes instead of buying them outright, as this saves them a lot of hassle and money. It is already popular but it seems like this is going to be the future of vehicle use in most of the companies due to the convenience it provides.

Most of the countries have become very careful about the pollution caused by vehicles, so now they are bringing in very strict rules about vehicles being used. After some time, vehicles with lower emission levels and better technology will benefit from better tax rates. Older models of vans may even be phased out slowly.

Even otherwise, vehicles with better features keep coming out every year. But once you buy   a vehicle for your company, you cannot just let it become obsolete. It does not make sense to keep buying latest vehicles very often. In these situations, it is more practical to lease out a better model of van and use it for a few years or months on a contract. If a better version comes out or if the government announces a new tax structure, then you can just sign another lease without having to worry about the existing vehicle.  We lease a van for business, as it is what we need for our venture. It is important to mention that we cannot afford to buy so many new vans, which can adhere to the pollution norms and give us a tax relief at the same time.

So we can see a clear increase in the demand of latest models of vehicles in the near future. The auto business is a very competitive one. The lease companies are coming up with very lucrative deals for vehicle lease. So much so that even the non-believers and traditional companies have started to think about vehicle lease being a better option than buying vehicles for their companies. It allows them to use their monetary and human resources in more beneficial and productive tasks. This is the future of vehicle use by companies.